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While I love one on one interviews with people, sometimes it's cool to build a story out of the time you spent with that person. I like to create the scene with my words so you can imagine yourself there.

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I love talking with people and getting to know who they are and what drives them. I find people fascinating and love being able to bring out that person and share their inspirational stories with others. 

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I've had the opportunity to write a couple reviews over the year. Writing reviews is fun, but takes a lot of research and deep explanation into why something is preferred over another product. Working with The Wirecutter and Surfer's Village was interesting because each editor pushed me to research and explain all the specifications of a product. For The Wirecutter I also supplied images of the products and for Surfer's Village I supplied a video along with the review. Please contact me if you are interested in review writing services. 

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