Video Marketing Services

Online video marketing has taken off in the last couple of years and isn't going anywhere. Just this year, online video surpassed TV among people under 50. This is huge for brands and small businesses. There are a lot of opportunities to capture your target audience with the right video marketing strategy. There are many ways you to do this throgh how-to videos and about us videos. Video is great content and increases a website's site metrics like increasing time on site and lowering bounce rates. 


Every business should have an about us page, but an about us video is an even better way to engage your customers. Video posts get four times as much engagement than all other social media posts. Since posting the about video on Usedsurf's website, they have customers come in knowing a little more about how the shop works. The show owners find this piece of media to be valuable to their overall business and keep the video up on their about page

Van Doren Invitational Women’s Bowl Contest

This is some contest highlights from the US Open Van Doren Invitational women's bowl contest. Watch the top female skaters in the world compete for $5,000. Results: 1. Lizzie Armanto, 92.72 2. Alana Smith, 88.32 3. Julz Lynn, 80.48 4. Allysha Bergado, 74.12 5. Nora Vasconcellos, 67.93 6. Kisa Nakamura, 62.06

Supergirl Pro 2015

The Supergirl Pro is a top rated stop on the World Surf League World Qualifying Series tour. The action happened right down the street so I had to throw together a video.