How to use the Facebook Debugging Tool

How to Use the Facebook Debugging Tool

  You know when you get really excited to post your new blog article on Facebook and when you do you don’t see the image you want? There are a couple ways to fix this, but one way is to preview your post first using the Facebook debugging tool so you know what your post […]


How to Automate Google Plus Using an RSS Feed

If your reading this article you are probably thinking that there are way too many social media platforms to keep up with and you know Google Plus is important to maintain for search results, but it’s not your most important focus for brand marketing. Let’s make your life easier by implementing an RSS feed to […]

5 Ways Search and Social Work Together

For the longest time SEO was a technical approach to gaming Google’s system and it was thought to be operated in a dark basement by some tech nerd. Which was probably true, but as the internet has evolved so has the meaning of search engine optimization.