Life Lessons Through Surfing

Surfing has taught me so much about life. 1. Perseverance – 90% of surfing is paddling. Some days the waves are relentless and if you want to make it to the outside to catch waves, you have to keep paddling, you’ve got to kick, you’ve got to duck dive deep, and keep going. 2. Patience […]

How to Optimize a Blog Post Using SEO Yoast

To get started you will want to add SEO Yoast as a plugin to your site. Once you do that you’ll see the plugin at the bottom of each of your pages and posts. It will look like this: From there you’ll want to add your focus keyword into the area labeled ‘focus keyword.’ […]

What is SEO

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. So what is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?

How to use the Facebook Debugging Tool

How to Use the Facebook Debugging Tool

  You know when you get really excited to post your new blog article on Facebook and when you do you don’t see the image you want? There are a couple ways to fix this, but one way is to preview your post first using the Facebook debugging tool so you know what your post […]

he Art of Keyword Research for Blogging

How to do Keyword Research for Blog Topic Ideas

SEO Keyword research for blogging and blog topic ideas When you hear the letters “SEO” you’re probably thinking to yourself, that’s important, but I don’t know what it is. It’s true, it is important and organic traffic is crucial to gaining new visitors and being found on the web. So what is SEO? I won’t […]

Top 3 Favorite Free Online Tools

There are so many tools out there that make your life so much easier. Whether you’re making a social media post, hunting down an image for a blog post, or keeping track of all your projects, there are free tools out there available.   1. Canva Sometimes you need a graphic fast and you don’t […]


How to Automate Google Plus Using an RSS Feed

If your reading this article you are probably thinking that there are way too many social media platforms to keep up with and you know Google Plus is important to maintain for search results, but it’s not your most important focus for brand marketing. Let’s make your life easier by implementing an RSS feed to […]

5 Ways Search and Social Work Together

For the longest time SEO was a technical approach to gaming Google’s system and it was thought to be operated in a dark basement by some tech nerd. Which was probably true, but as the internet has evolved so has the meaning of search engine optimization.

Content marketing inforgraphic from Kapost

When the analytics and creative departments collide

Intro by Nicole Grodesky In a world where you want to be creating value in your content, it’s vital to make sure your creative team is inline with your bottom line. Getting these two totally different mindsets to work together can be like mixing oil and water, but the truth is they really need each […]

Women’s Swatch Pro – Lower Trestles

I got to say that I’m totally amped for the upcoming Trestles contest. I’ve been surfing and competing at Lower Trestles since I was 14 years old. I would compete back in Florida in the NSSA and earn a spot in the National Championships. I had such an awesome time coming out to surf in […]

8 Secrets for Getting Outreach Content Published Faster

Contributing to blogs, news sites and industry magazines isn’t anything new and it’s not going away even after the statement Matt Cutts said about guest blogging. That’s because guest blogging isn’t dead, being a Spammy McSpammer who only guest blogs to build links is dead. Writing for related industry publications is a great way for […]