Women’s Swatch Pro – Lower Trestles

I got to say that I’m totally amped for the upcoming Trestles contest. I’ve been surfing and competing at Lower Trestles since I was 14 years old. I would compete back in Florida in the NSSA and earn a spot in the National Championships. I had such an awesome time coming out to surf in California at such an early age. I knew then that as soon as I was old enough, I wanted to live in California.


Nicole Grodesky NSSA National Championships 1995

Me surfing the final in one of the many NSSA National Championships at Lower Trestles Circa nineteen ninety something


Over 16 years later, I’m still here. When I was 21 I moved from OB, San Diego to San Clemente (where Trestles is) to be closer to contests. I stayed there well after I was done focusing on competitive surfing to finish college, and of course, SURF TRESTLES. I had the full Trestles thing down complete with bike surf-racks and a little Toyota Tacoma (which I still have).  I continued to take photos of the NSSA events and the ASP Men’s events held down there.

One year I went to watch Courtney Conlogue, Malia Manuel, and Coco Ho battle it out for the Open Women’s NSSA National Championship title. That year I witnessed a new young female surfer that I, nor anyone else had really heard of yet. Her name is Lakey Peterson and I’m sure you’ve heard of her by now. If you are a surfer and you haven’t yet, you must live under a rock. Anyway,  watching her complete some of the biggest turns at Lowers I’ve ever seen any female execute, I was claiming her to be the “dark horse” and I thought she had a chance at taking the whole thing.


Lakey's huge turns in her quarter. Hmmm, who the heck is that?!

Lakey’s huge turns in her quarter. Hmmm, who the heck is that?!


I was really set on Courtney taking the title that year, but after seeing her competition, I knew she had her work cut out for her. I remember the waves being a little inconstant for the final and there not being much action, that is until Lakey landed the first air ever in an NSSA Open Women’s National Championship final. After that moment she took the competitive surfing world by storm. She talks about landing this air in her documentary Zero to 100.


Lakey Peterson_NSSA 2009

Lakey Peterson lands historical air. She talks about this in her movie Zero to 100


This year is historical for the women on the WCT because this is the first time they’ve had the opportunity to surf Lowers as part of the tour. Lowers is the perfect wave for the women to really shine and show what they’re made of. I will be down there to document this historical and exciting event. Catch the live action!

Silvana Lima shreds Lowers!

Lowers 2011 from Silvana_Lima on Vimeo.

Here’s the official trailer for this year:

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