the best content marketing merges art and science

When the analytics and creative departments collide

Intro by Nicole Grodesky

In a world where you want to be creating value in your content, it’s vital to make sure your creative team is inline with your bottom line. Getting these two totally different mindsets to work together can be like mixing oil and water, but the truth is they really need each other in order to pump out creative content with value to the customer and the over all goal of the marketing campaign at large. It’s not always about looking the best and being the coolest, and on the other hand, content needs to look good and have a certain flare to the delivery.

A start up company that I’ve had my eye on for a while (one that has grown a lot since) put out this very cool and very true infographic explaining how these two very different departments can work together.


From Kapost:

Content marketers work in two spaces: the lab and the studio.

The lab is the place where we sift through the mountain of data at our disposal—data that grants us unparalleled insights into the purchasing process. We can track our buyer’s online behavior, craft campaigns around the trends and habits we discover, and test new tactics that lead to better results.

The studio is a place where we transform complex concepts are into accessible, valuable messages. Emotions are at the forefront in the studio. We work to communicate our messages through different mediums and distribution channels. In the studio, we push boundaries, and constantly explore new ways of inspiring people to take action with our brand.

These two worlds—science and art—are often viewed as distinct. But the best content marketers incorporate both into a single content operation. They leverage lessons from data to develop content that converts, while pushing beyond the status quo with new formats and channels.

This infographic examines the power of content that incorporates the left and the right side of the brain, the artistic and the analytical.

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Nicole Grodesky